Affair Recovery- Intensive Workshop Package

Healing Hearts, Rebuilding Trust: Navigate Affair Recovery with Calgary Couples Therapy and Coaching

Our Affair Recovery Intensive Workshop Package, rooted in the Gottman Method Couples Therapy, is a comprehensive and compassionate program designed to guide couples through the challenging process of healing after an affair. Led by our skilled therapists at Calgary Couples Therapy and Coaching, this workshop is tailored to provide a roadmap for rebuilding trust, fostering open communication, and restoring a sense of connection.

Benefits of our Intensive Workshop Package:

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of our therapists trained in the Gottman Method, ensuring a supportive and knowledgeable approach to affair recovery.
  • Gottman Method Foundations: Utilize the evidence-based principles of the Gottman Method to address specific challenges associated with affair recovery and lay a foundation for a stronger relationship.
  • Tailored to Your Journey: Our workshop package is personalized to meet each couple's unique needs, providing a roadmap for healing that aligns with your specific circumstances.
  • Communication Restoration: Learn effective communication strategies to navigate difficult conversations, express emotions, and rebuild understanding.
  • Renewed Connection: Gain the tools and insights to rebuild trust, foster emotional intimacy, and forge a renewed and resilient connection with your partner.

Package Details: Affair Recovery Intensive Workshop Package

The package includes comprehensive assessments to understand the unique dynamics of each relationship. Through intensive couples coaching and individual sessions in a comfortable environment, our therapists listen compassionately, provide constructive feedback, and collaboratively set targets for each therapy session. This personalized approach ensures that the recovery process is tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of each couple. Additionally, our experienced therapists act as supportive guides throughout the workshop, offering resource materials for couples to take away. The package goes beyond traditional therapy by providing a roadmap for healing that includes ongoing support, encouragement, and tools to foster long-term relationship success. Trust the process, and let us walk alongside you on your journey to rebuild and thrive.

  • Cost- $4000 
  • 1 90 minute Couples Intake Session- Online 
  • Gottman Checkup Assessment 
  • 2 days of intensive in person counselling 6 hours/ per day
  • 2 60 minute Couples Follow up Sessions - Online 
  • Gottman Take home Handouts 
  • The package is convenient for couples living outside of Calgary.

*Disclaimer: Not all couple's situations fit the intensive workshop well.

Ready to rebuild and strengthen your relationship after an affair? Contact Calgary Couples Therapy and Coaching in Calgary today to start on your journey to healing. Our expert therapists are here to guide you through our Intensive Workshop Package, providing the support and tools needed to heal and rebuild trust.

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