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“It's Perfectly Okay to Admit You’re Not Okay.”

Reach your goals in all aspects of your life’s journey with Calgary Couples Therapy & Associates

About Calgary Couples Therapy and Coaching

We dream of a world where people do more than survive; they THRIVE in their lives, love, work, and relationships. Everyone has a different idea of their desired life, and our life mission is to help you create the life and relationship you desire most. Whatever is challenging you most right now, we are here to help. What you will experience through therapy is someone to walk alongside you as you grow and become a healthier, happier you! It is okay not to be okay; we are here to help. Our team of therapists genuinely want to see you reach your goals in all aspects of your life’s journey.

Cece Warren Offering Couples Counselling at Calgary Couples Therapy & Associates

Cece Warren She/Her. MSHc, CCC, RMFT

Trained in Level 3 Gottman Method. Offering Couples Counselling 

Hello and welcome! I'm Cece, the founder and clinical director of Calgary Couples Therapy and Coaching .

Being married myself, I understand firsthand how challenging relationships can be. Sometimes, the struggle feels all too real. My mission is to help couples rediscover a deeper connection and love within themselves and with their partners. Life throws us curveballs, and relationships don't have a personalized manual. That's where I come in—to be that supportive guide, helping you acquire the skills to face life's challenges as a united team. The most genuine, successful, and loving relationships often emerge from conquering tough times together.

Every relationship is unique, shaped by our individual life experiences and childhoods. Our sessions customize therapy to fit you, the couple, focusing on what will work best for your specific needs. My passion lies in walking alongside couples and individuals on their journey toward a more loving, healthier, and happier relationship tailored to their unique circumstances.

My expertise lies in assisting couples in reconnecting, healing past wounds, changing emotionally unhealthy patterns, and nurturing a loving, vibrant, and respectful partnership. I possess a special skill in handling both sides of betrayal and affair recovery, and I've witnessed many couples reignite their passion and connection through the techniques of the Gottman Method.

Here are some of my areas of strength and specialization:

  • Couples therapy
  • Infidelity and betrayal recovery
  • Discernment counselling (Divorce Consideration)
  • High Emotional Conflict 

Feel free to reach out and schedule a complimentary 20-minute phone or video consultation. It's a chance to build a therapeutic relationship and see if we're a good fit.

Cece is a trained Counselling Therapist who operates from a research-supported, client-centered therapeutic framework. She uses a combination of the Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Therapy. She has completed Level 3 Consultation Training in Gottman Method and is currently completing Certification as a Gottman Therapist. Cece specializes in supporting couples through Gottman Method, betrayal/affair recovery and Discernment Counselling.

Rates: $220/hr (GST included).

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Joshua Mcleod Offering Individual and Couples Counselling at Calgary Couples Therapy & Associates

Joshua Mcleod He/Him. MSW, RSW.

Currently training in Gottman Level 1 and 2 - - Specialized in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. 

Offering Individual and Couples Counselling

Joshua Mcleod He/Him MSW, Registered Social Worker. Joshua is an experienced therapist serving both individuals and couples with a focus on helping clients build healthy, secure, and fulfilling relationships in their lives. He comes with years of experience providing therapy as a primary therapist and clinical supervisor in various health care settings. His training in emotion focused, attachment based approaches allows for a deep exploration of clients relationship patterns. Joshua maintains a particular interest in supporting LGBTQ+ clients and uses an affirming, non- judgmental framework in sessions. As a member of the LGBTQ++ community himself Joshua is able to provide support and understanding to multiple individuals and couples.

Areas of specialization include:

  • Substance use and Addiction in Couples and Relationship 
  • LGBTQ++
  • Relationships and Dating 
  • Coming out
  • Gender Identity 
  • PTSD/Trauma
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy 

Joshua is currently accepting new clients.  Book a free consultation to see how Joshua can support you today! 

Rates: $200/hr (GST included)

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Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture stronger, happier relationships. Drawing from personal experience, we understand the challenges relationships can pose and provide expert guidance for more fulfilling connections.

Calgary Couples Therapy and Coaching. provides relationship therapy and counseling to clients across
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